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We regularly give children short tasks to complete at home to keep up regular practice of tricky skills, also to enable parents to support and be involved with their child’s learning and as the children move up through the year groups, to encourage independence and good organisation so that tasks are completion well and on time.

In Reception, each child takes home a small tin in which are phonics or single words to practise and when ready they will take home a reading book with a home/school diary in which staff write a direction which we encourage parents will follow at home.

In Year 1 each child takes home a reading book and home/school diary in which staff write an instruction for children to read at home with an adult eg. “Page 1 to Page 8, and please complete and return by Thursday”.

Year 2   Year 3    Year 4   Year 5   Year 6 each week, each child sticks a homework sticker into the back of their home/school reading diary, so the tasks are clear for you and your child. The same information is also on each class blog.

Some examples of homework stickers:

8.01.19 Year 2 Homework: 

  • Reading - see pages in reading diary
  • TT Rockstars - Ask Mum or Dad to help you logging on independently and complete the given task
  • Practise - your target times tabels for a test on Friday
  • Talk homework - What do you know about teeth? What would you like to find out about teeth?

01.11.19 Year 5 Homework

  • Learn your spelling list words
  • TT Roackstars task 
  • 9 x table
  • Talk homework – Guy Fawkes night is on Wednesday. What do you know about the history, traditions and science associated with fireworks? Answers as a blog entry, poster or paragraph of writing by next Monday please.
  • Reading – see diary

Further information can be found on the Class Pages.

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