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We know that this year is very different for children as we cannot take part in all our usual transition events in school. Please find below an opportunity to meet your new class teacher and a project to take part in to tell them all about you. To read Mr Gunson's newsletter about new classes click here.

Watch Mr Gunson's assembly about the transition project and new classes for September.

Meet Your New Teacher!

Click the links below to meet your new class teacher for September 2020!

1CB - Meet Mrs Chamberlain and Mrs Bloss

1F - Meet Mr Fenelon

2C - Meet Mrs Coups

2R - Meet Ms Richmond

3W - Meet Miss Woor

3S - Meet Mrs Seaward

4L - Meet Mr Ledgerwood

4F - Meet Mrs Fry

5E - Meet Mrs Eagling

5B - Meet Miss Barnes

6F - Meet Mrs Fossett

6W - Meet Mr Ward

This Is Me - Transition Project

Your new class teacher would really like to meet you. A great way to do this would be to take part in our 'This Is Me' transition project. Find out more below:

 We are really looking forward to seeing you all in September!