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Plastic Pledge

We have been truly inspired by Alex Goodchild! Alex spent his 7 primary years at Kyson and although now at Exeter University studying civil and environmental engineering,  he still thinks of us fondly and knowing that we are always trying to take steps to look after our world, he has given us a wonderful challenge. See for yourself at:

 We have have been thinking about our use of plastic and we have created lovely things out of bottles that would otherwise have gone to landfill. In case you fancy some half term holiday fun please see instructions below.

We are planning to make eco bricks out of any plastic waste that the school produces and alongside our paper recycling, we are aim to end each school day with empty classroom rubbish bins. Kyson is going to dramatically reduce the amount of refuse we send to landfill. Together we can make a difference.





Eco Brick Afternoon

On the 17th January our Year 5 and 6 Eco councillors plus some of their guests helped continue our Eco-brick project by sorting our bricks, building new benches and experimenting by making some Eco-brick rings which we may turn into garden planters. The children worked brilliantly and made great progress in an afternoon.  Click here for photos.