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 In order to ensure that children can continue to access learning at home, this area of the website contains information about Kyson's approach and links to resources to support children at home. Watch a video of Mr Gunson explaining our approach below:

Each year group provides a weekly timetable. These are suggestions and each family will need to adapt them to the situation and circumstances they find themselves in. There is no expectation that families complete all or any of the tasks - they are just suggestions to pick from.

Most tasks will be focused on revising and revisiting maths concepts that have already been taught, daily reading and writing activities and elements of the wider curriculum that can be completed at home. The majority of activities can be completed on paper, so as long as you can access the school website you will be able to take part in them. 

Link to Year Group Pages  

We will also provide a home learning project as an alternative to the suggested timetables. These involve much more free choice and can be completed across a week as and when you choose.

Link to Home Learning Projects

This will obviously be a difficult time for children who may want additional activities to keep them occupied. Please find below accompanying material about activities they may enjoy and links to websites with additional tasks and interactive games to support learning.

          Link to other online Home Learning Resources

            Non-Screen Activities                    

Children may be spending time using online activities, some of which they may be unfamiliar with. It is important to ensure all children keep safe whilst using the internet.

Click here for information about keeping safe while online.