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Home Learning Project

As an alternative to the suggested timetables you can find here weekly whole school home learning projects that you can join in with if you wish. Building on the success of the ‘Back to the Future’ theme day, we will make suggestions about things you could do around each weeks theme and it will usually start with a book as a stimulus which we will also share with you. You can choose what you do around this theme, so if you have a different idea you can do that instead. How you present your work, how much time you spend is completely up to you. Also, because it is a whole school theme, if you have brothers or sisters also at Kyson, they will be working same theme too which means you can help and support each other or even work together.

Home Learning Project 10 - Incredible Inventions

At some point in the past, the things we now take for granted, didn’t exist!  They were invented by someone…a person had an idea and grew it into an invention! This week you can find out more about inventions that have changed our lives.

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Home Learning Project 9 - Significant People

We all have people who influence our lives - family, friends, teachers! There are some people who are so significant that can influence all our lives. Maybe this week you could find out about someone that interests you.

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Home Learning Project 8 - The Colours of the Rainbow

The rainbow has been a symbol of thanks and hope throughout this period of our lives. In this home learning project, you can explore colour in more detail.

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Home Learning Project 7 - Music

Music has traditionally always been a strength throughout Kyson's 50 Year history. In this week's home learning project you can explore everything musical!

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Home Learning Project 6 - Strongest, Fastest, Greatest...

This home learning project is all about the best there is around - whether that be the fastest, strongest, biggest or even smallest of something, this project is all about exploring our amazing world.

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Home Learning Project 5 - People Who Help Us

Our fifth home learning project is all about different people who help us - whether that be through the job they do or any other way they impact your life.

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Home Learning Project 4 - Food

This week is all about food. You will find a link to the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' that you might like to watch before you start.

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Home Learning Project 3 - 75th Anniversary of VE Day

This weeks home learning project is related to the special bank holiday on Friday 8th May to commemorate the 75th anniversary of 'VE Day' - Victory in Europe. You might want to watch Mr Gunson's VE day assembly before you start. 

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Please click on the link to download some VE bunting resources

Home Learning Project 2 - Animals

Before you start you can listen to the story ‘Dear Zoo’, read by the author Rod Campbell, via this link if you wish.

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Home Learning Project 1 - Family

Click here to listen to the story 'Monkey Puzzle' by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

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